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Alone: Britain, Churchill and Dunkirk: Defeat into Victory, by Michael Korda

Remarkably original, Alonecaptures the heroism of World War II as movingly as any book in recent memory. Bringing to vivid life the world leaders, generals, and ordinary citizens who fought on both sides of the war, Korda chronicles the outbreak of hostilities, recalling as a prescient young boy (having or showing knowledge of events before they take place) the enveloping tension that defined pre-Blitz London, and then as a military historian the great events that would alter the course of the twentieth century.

Women & Power: a Manifesto, by Mary Beard 
Addresses in one brave book the misogynists and trolls who mercilessly attack and demean women the world over, including Mary herself. She traces the origins of this misogyny to its ancient roots, examining the pitfalls of gender and the ways that history has mistreated strong women since time immemorial. As far back as Homer's Odyssey, Beard shows, women have been prohibited from leadership roles in civic life, public speech being defined as inherently male. From Medusa to Philomela (whose tongue was cut out), from Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren (who was told to sit down), Beard draws illuminating parallels between our cultural assumptions about female relationship to power-and how powerful women provide a necessary example for all women who must resist being vacuumed into a male template. With personal reflections on her own online experiences with sexism, Beard asks: If women aren't perceived to be within the structure of power, isn't it power itself we need to redefine?

The Tigers Daughter, by K. Arsenault Rivera

A story of love, power, passion and two prophesied warriors who are their last hope of world survival. Perhaps one of the best fantasy novels.

The Hokkaran empire has conquered every land within their bold reach, but has failed to notice a lurking darkness festering within the people. Now their border walls begin to crumble and villages fall to demons that swarm out of the forests under the cover of night. Out on the silver steppes, remaining horse-bound tribes of Qorin retreat to protect their own. It is up to two young warriors, having grown up together across borders since their prophesied birth, to save the world from the encroaching demons. This is the story of Barsalayaa Shefali, an infamous Qorin warrior, and O-Shizuka, a spoiled divine warrior empress, and a power that can reach through time and space to save a land from a truly insidious evil.

The Resurrection of Joan Ashby, by Cherise Wolas

A woman struggles with the sacrifices of motherhood and how an unthinkable betrayal confirms her deepest fears. When Joan Ashby meets her future husband, Martin, she is frank from the beginning: nothing can stand in the way of her career. Joan Ashby is a prodigy, a darling of the literary world by age 25, acclaimed for her dark, singular stories. But after marriage that creative life spins away and she finds herself raising two sons in a Virginia suburb. She has made her peace with this, or at least thatís what she tells herself as she steals moments to write between school drop-offs and household chores. She can never be ordinary though, and her precocious sons grow up with the burden of her genius. Two decades later, they are grown and she has finally completed her masterpiece. But just as she is poised to reclaim the spotlight, a betrayal threatens to undo everything she has worked for.

Epic, propulsive and incredibly ambitious, this is a story about sacrifice and motherhood, privilege and expectation, introducing a heroine who is candid about her struggles and unapologetic in her ambition.

Code Girls, by Liza Mundy

Code Girls reveals a hidden army of thousands of female cryptographers, whose work played a crucial role in ending World War II. Mundy has rescued a piece of forgotten history and given these American heroes the recognition they deserve. Recruited by the U.S. Army and Navy from small towns and elite colleges, more than ten thousand women served as codebreakers during WWII. While their brothers and boyfriends took up arms, these women moved to Washington and learned the meticulous work of code-breaking. Their efforts shortened the war, saved countless lives, and gave them access to previously denied careers. A strict vow of secrecy nearly erased their efforts from history, but now, through dazzling research and interviews with surviving code girls, Mundy brings to life this riveting, vital story of American courage, service, and scientific accomplishment.


Revolution of Marina M, by Janet Fitch 

St. Petersburg, New Year's Eve, 1916. Marina Makarova is a young woman of privilege who aches to break free of the constraints of her genteel life. Swept up on violent tides, Marina will join the marches for worker rights, fall in love with a radical young poet, and betray everything she holds dear, before being betrayed herself. This is the epic, mesmerizing story of one indomitable woman's journey through some of the most dramatic events of the last century.

Future Home of the Living God, by Louise Erdrich

This is a horrifying, haunting story of the lengths government will go to control reproductive rights of women and ensure the success of mankind. Erdrich spins a new twist sure to tantalize and terrorize readers, playing on our fears.

Garden of the Lost and Abandoned, by Jessica Yu

The problem by most lights is overwhelming: at least 5,000 children live on the streets the Uganda capital city of Kampala. Some forget the names of their villages. The youngest may not know the names of their parents. But Gladys Kalibbala, part journalist, part detective, part Good Samaritan, does not hesitate to dive into difficult or even dangerous situations to aid a child. Author of a newspaper column called Lost and Abandoned, she is a resource that police and others turn to when they stumble across a stranded kid with a hidden history. An excellent story!

The House of Unexpected Sisters (#18 of No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, by Alexander McCall Smith
Precious Ramotswe learns valuable lessons about first impressions and forgiveness when she and Mma Makutsi are approached by their part-time colleague, Mr. Polopetsi, with a troubling story: a woman, accused of being rude to a valued customer, has been wrongly dismissed from her job at an office furniture store. Never one to let an act of injustice go unanswered, Precious investigates and discovers unexpected information that changes her views about the case. She is puzzled when she happens to hear of a local nurse named Mingie Ramotswe. Who is this mystery lady? Then, she is alerted that an unpleasant figure from her past has recently been spotted in town. She does her best to avoid the man but he returned to Botswana specifically to seek her out. What could he want from her?

Midnight Line, a Jack Reacher thriller by Lee Child

An electrifying new adventure Jack Reacher rides the bus north from Milwaukee. At a comfort stop in Wisconsin dairy country he takes a stroll. Among the cheap junk in a pawn shop window he notices a West Point class ring for sale. It is tiny. A woman cadet ring. Why would she pawn it?  Reacher knows what Serena Sanderson must have gone through to get it. He fights through a biker gang and a South Dakota gangster, following the trail of the ring to the emptiness of Wyoming, in search of Major Sanderson. Is she OK? Only Reacher would take the time to find and help her.



Red and Lulu, by Matt Tavares    Maine author/illustrator
Separation and miles cannot keep a determined cardinal from his loved one in this heart-tugging story combining the cheer of Christmas, the magic of New York City, and the real meaning of the holiday season: how important it is to be surrounded by love.

Beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book for ages 3-7

Uncommon Type: Some Stories, by Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks own humor, honesty, integrity and spirit of play comes shining through in each of these short stories. A very enjoyable book. Surprising, intelligent and heartwarming.

Artemis: a Novel by Andy Weir

   Jasmine Bashara is a criminal - sort of. Life on Artemis, the first dome city on our moon, is tough if you're not a rich tourist or a billionaire. So smuggling in the occasional harmless bit of contraband barely counts, right? Not when you've got debts to pay and your job as a porter barely covers the rent. But everything changes when Jazz sees the chance to commit the perfect crime, with a lucrative reward. But this is just the start of her problems, as she learns that she's stepped square into a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself and that her only chance of survival lies in an even riskier gambit.

American Wolf: a True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West, by Nate Blakeslee

   The true legacy of the survival of the American wolf after being reintroduced into the Rocky Mountains. It focuses on Six-O, unlike any female wolf that Yellowstone park ranger, Rick McIntyre, has ever seen. Her challenges are linked to problems between those people against the reintroduction of wolves and those who see wolves as an integral part of our ecosystem. An issue that plagues the American West.


In the Midst of Winter: a novel by Isabel Allende

     Allende returns with a sweeping novel about three very different people who are brought together in a mesmerizing story that journeys from present-day Brooklyn to Guatemala in the recent past to 1970s Chile and Brazil. A south-of-the-border history lesson, this is both a love story and the tale of the timely issues of human rights plus the plight of immigrants & refugees

It Devours!: A Welcome to Night Vale novel, by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

   Even if you have never heard of Night Vale, you will enjoy this story. It is about science and religion, about belonging and of needing an outsider perspective to truly understand what is happening in a friendly desert town with some of the strangest predicaments.

The Usual Santas: a Collection of Crime Christmas Capers

  This holiday-themed collection presents 18 pieces of short fiction from an impressive roster of international mystery writers. The voices veer from darkly humorous -(Helene Tursten and Mick Herron) to touching (Timothy Hallinan and Mette Ivie -Harrison) to disturbing (Stuart Neville and Ed Lin), with tales set around the globe . . . thoroughly entertaining."
"Each bite-size mystery in this winning collection is a gift -a perfect stocking stuffer for any mystery fan--or any fan of excellent writing, engrossing stories, and holiday fun.

Hiddensee: a Tale of the Once and Future Nutcracker, by Gregory Maguire

    This origin story of the creator of the Nutcracker, blurs the lines of fantasy with a taste of Greek and Germanic mythology. Dirk Drosselmeier returns to the living with a gift from the god Pan. As he grows older, Dirk remains young at heart, becoming a master figurine and toy maker.  

The End We Start From, by Megan Hunter

Wow! A stunning debut that tells the story of a family, newly begun at the start of a disaster. This small gem of a story is told in such eloquent sentences and her imagery drawn with so few words, you are amazed at how vivid it is in your mind. You will absolutely read it in one sitting. Enjoy. - Kath



Here We Are, by Oliver Jeffers    Hardcover picture book

Wit and humor are used to explore the world we live in. Insightfully sweet, with a gentle humor and poignancy, here is a user guide to life on Earth. He created it with a universality that embraces children and their parents. Be it a complex view of the terrain of our planet (bumpy, sharp, wet), a deep look at our place in space, or a guide to all of the animals, Jeffers wit & humor combine with a value system of kindness and tolerance to create a must-have science book with perfect language for parents of small children.

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure (Deluxe edition)
by William Goldman, Michael Manomivibul, Illustrator

For the thirtieth anniversary of the 1987 film, this beloved tale of romance and adventure is given a stunning full-color illustrated treatment. This is the swashbuckling tale of true love, high adventure, pirates, princesses, giants, miracles, fencing, and a frightening assortment of wild beasts.

Where the Animals Go: Tracking Wildlife with Technology in 50 Maps and Graphics, by James Cheshire

In recent years, technology has made it possible to track animal movements from afar in more and more detail. Cheshire and Ubert have dipped into this deluge of data to create 50 beautiful and engaging maps that reveal the wanderings of animals.
This is a special kind of detective story. After millennia of using footprints, feces, feathers, broken foliage and nests to track animals, the process is now so teched up you need to read this book to find out the how, what and why.

The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Frontier Landscapes that inspired the Little House Books, by Marta McDowell
"McDowell commemorates the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder with a captivating look at the beloved Little House on the Prairie author's relationship with nature. . . . McDowell's warm descriptions of the author, her times, and the plants she loved provide a wonderful companion to the Wilder books, while instructions on growing a Little House-inspired garden add an interactive component. Gardeners, botanists, and fans of Wilder will love this lushly illustrated book.



Endurance: A Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery, by Scott Kelly 

A stunning, personal memoir from the astronaut and modern-day hero who spent a record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station, a message of hope for the future that will inspire for generations to come.

The veteran of four spaceflights and the American record holder for consecutive days spent in space, Scott Kelly has experienced things very few have. Now, he takes us inside a sphere utterly hostile to human life. He describes navigating the extreme challenge of long-term spaceflight, both life-threatening and mundane: the devastating effects on the body; the isolation from everyone he loves and the comforts of Earth; the catastrophic risks of colliding with space junk; and the still more haunting threat of being unable to help should tragedy strike at home. His humanity, compassion, humor, and determination resonate throughout, as Kelly recalls his rough-and-tumble New Jersey childhood and the youthful inspiration that sparked his astounding career, and as he makes clear his belief that Mars will be the next, ultimately challenging, step in spaceflight. We see the triumph of the human imagination, the strength of the human will, and the infinite wonder of the galaxy.  

Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders

The captivating first novel is about Abraham Lincoln and the death of his eleven year old son, Willie, at the dawn of the Civil War. On February 22, 1862, two days after his death, Willie was laid to rest in a marble crypt in a Georgetown cemetery. That very night, shattered by grief, Abraham Lincoln arrives at the cemetery under cover of darkness and visits the crypt alone. Set over the course of that one night and populated by ghosts, Lincoln in the Bardo is a thrilling exploration of death, grief, the powers of good and evil, a novel  unlike anything you have read before. It is an exploration of the deeper meaning and possibilities of life, written with humor, pathos, and grace.


Mad Enchantment, Claude Monet & the Water Lilies, by Ross King  

Claude Monet, perhaps the most beloved artist, and among all his creations, the paintings of the water lilies in his garden at Giverny are most famous. As Ross King reveals these beautiful canvases belie the intense frustration Monet experienced trying to capture the fugitive effects of light, water, and color. They also reflect the terrible personal torments Monet suffered in the last years of his life.
Mad Enchantment tells the full story behind the creation of the Water Lilies, as the horrors of World War I came ever closer to Paris and Giverny and he lost his beloved wife, Alice, and his eldest son, Jean. His famously acute vision was threatened by cataracts. And yet, despite ill health, self-doubt, and advancing age, Monet began painting again on a more ambitious scale than ever before.  


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