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The Find Waldo game is sponsored by Candlewick Press.

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The Precipice, a Mike Bowditch mystery by Paul Doiron
This is the sixth in the Maine game warden series.  All of these stories take place around our beautiful state.

French Prize, a novel by James L. Nelson
Jack Biddlecomb, son of Isaac Biddlecomb, the protagonist of James L. Nelson's popular Revolution at Sea Saga, 
finds himself taking command of the merchant vesselAbigail bound for Barbados. With the French making prizes 
of American merchant ships, the Abigail's owner has outfitted the ship with guns and instructed Jack to fight if 
need be to keep his ship out of French hands. What Jack does not know, though his passengers do, is that he is 
being used as part of a bigger plot, one that will have repercussions on an international scale.

Enchanted August, a novel by Brenda Bowen  
This little adventure is set on a coastal Maine island, where four women go to spend a vacation month and find 
more than they expected. These characters have more depth than the typical "happily ever after" tales. 

Lobster Kings, by Alexie Zentner
The Kings family has lived on Loosewood Island for three hundred years, blessed with the bounty of the sea. 
But for the Kings, this blessing comes with a curse: the loss of every firstborn son. Now, Woody Kings, the l
eader of the island’s lobster fishing community and the family patriarch, teeters on the throne, and Cordelia, 
the oldest of Woody’s three daughters, stands to inherit the crown. To do so, however, she must defend her 
island from meth dealers from the mainland while navigating sibling rivalry and the vulnerable nature of her 
own heart when she falls in love with her sternman.


The Historical Atlas of Maine, from the University of Maine Press

Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

On December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Wilbur and Orville Wright’s Wright Flyer became the 

first powered, heavier-than-air machine to achieve controlled, sustained flight with a pilot aboard. The Age of

 Flight had begun. How did they do it? And why? David McCullough tells the extraordinary and truly American 

story of the two brothers who changed the world.

Negotiator: a memoir, by George Mitchell

Compelling, poignant, enlightening stories from former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell about growing 

up in Maine, his years in the Senate, working to bring peace to Northern Ireland and the Middle East, and what 

he's learned about the art of negotiation during every stage of his life. It’s a classic story of the American Dream. 

The Oregon Trail, A New American Journey, by Rinker Buck

Buck and his brother Nick (famous for driving tourists up & down Maine's Route 1 in his mule-drawn wagon), 

travel the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon! This is a story of endurance, brotherhood, and the kindness of strangers.

All Fishermen are Liars, by Linda Greenlaw

Here are some of the greatest fishing stories ever - all relayed by Linda Greenlaw in her inimitable style. These tales 

will give listeners what they have come to love and expect from Linda Greenlaw - luminous descriptions and edge-

of-the-seat thrills. It's the perfect book for anyone who loves fishing and the sea.

Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship, by Robert Kurson

Follow a team of treasure hunters as they race rivals and international legislation in their quest for a sunken 

pirate ship. Kurson reveals that they have much in common with the pirates they are hunting.

* If you enjoy this book, please read The Republic of Pirates, by Colin Woodard. This Maine author gives 

us in-depth knowledge of pirates lives - fascinating reading.

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Come and see our wonderful Children's books!  We have activity books, non-fiction, and a large array 
books by our 
Maine authors & illustrators.

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perfect gifts:  Original paintings by kate winn

                        + lovely candles from chandler & Kemp


Here's a fine article about bookstore from The American Booksellers Association!

Several people have asked, "What does INDIE BOUND mean?"  This refers to independent retail stores. When you buy locally more of your money stays in the community.  We are passionate about what we do.

You can take advantage of the unique, specialized items offered for sale, including art, cards and books by local people. The "INDIENEXT" display just inside our front door is for those titles read by bookstore staff and predicted to be the next Bestsellers - and most often they are!

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“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” ― George R.R. Martin

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