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BENEATH THE DEPTHS: A Detective Byron mystery 

Letterpress Books   Saturday  August 19th   10:00 - 1:00

When the body of prominent Portland attorney Paul Ramsey turns up in the bottom of Casco Bay, following his loss of a multimillion dollar civil trial, Byron knows it's no accidental drowning. Golden boy Ramsey had a dark side--and Byron believes the key to solving his murder lies in uncovering those secrets someone wanted buried along with him.

With the brilliant Detective Diane Joyner by his side, Byron takes on Ramsey's former employer, the powerhouse law firm. But delving further into the troubled waters of Ramsey's past only serves to lengthen the list of suspects--unleashing a perfect storm of corruption, betrayal, and murder that only Byron can stop. If he's not too late.



Almost Sisters, by Joshilyn Jackson

Leia Birch is a rock star in the comic world but her personal life is filled with drama. She is pregnant with a biracial child after a one-night-stand, her sister's perfect marriage is imploding, and her sweet, proper grandmother has been hiding all sorts of improper things. These characters are charming and witty a hopeful book about helping others.

The Readymade Thief, by Augustus Rose

17-year-old Lee has struggles and choices to make like any other high school senior, but with a mysterious conspiracy thrown in. This is a great summer read that is well-written and completely absorbing.

Happiness: a Memoir: The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After, by Heather Harpham 

This beautiful memoir that is a moving testament to love, commitment and happiness while she was parenting a sick child alone, her honesty about fears and struggles allows us to see the beauty & joy she finds. Harpham digs deep to do difficult work, seeks support and practices patience in the face of anger.

The Half-Drowned King, by Linea Hartsuyker

A fast-paced, harrowing saga of two siblings, both trying to do what is right for the other while fighting internal conflicts. Rich with battles, love stories and the breathtaking landscapes of Norway, this is for fans of adventure in a harsh environment.

Girl in Snow, by Danya Kukafka 

A chilling small town tale in which a student is found dead on the school playground. Most clues point to Cameron, an obsessed window-peeping classmate who often lives in an "alternate" state of mind. Readers will be puzzled by the conflicting stories from her friend Jade, from a questionably motivated policeman and from Cameron himself. Spare and haunting.

Bedlam Stacks, by Natasha Pulley

A gorgeously detailed historical fantasy that spans England to China and Peru in 1859. Our hero, Merrick, is hired by the East India Company to smuggle ingredients for a crucial malaria treatment. But his loyalties shift the longer he is away. Quietly romantic, this book is an absorbing, beautiful read.

Mrs. Fletcher, by Tom Perrotta

With her son off at college and her ex remarried, Eve Fletcher feels unfulfilled despite her job as director of a senior center, until she finds a new decidedly adult pastime! Perotta's books can make you feel uncomfortable while at the same time make you laugh hysterically as Eve finds her new life.




It's Not Yet Dark, a memoir by Simon Fitzmaurice
In 2008, Simon Fitzmaurice was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. He was given four years to live. In 2010, in a state of lung-function collapse, Simon knew with crystal clarity that now was not his time to die. Against all prevailing medical opinion, he chose to ventilate in order to stay alive. The young filmmaker, a husband and father of five small children, draws us deeply into his inner world. Told in simply expressed and stark prose, this is a journey into a life that is lived more fully than most, revealing at its core the potent power love has to carry us through.

Magpie Murders, a novel
by Anthony Horowitz  It's Not Yet Dark, a memoir by Simon Fitzmaurice
 Clever beyond words, this mystery within a mystery may be the most satisfying closed-room murder case you'll ever read! The inside novel is an Agatha Christie-like mystery set in a peaceful 1950's English village. It's a manuscript that's been delivered by the author just before his untimely death--but the final chapter is missing! And as the editor looks into the mysterious circumstances surrounding her author's death, she becomes convinced that clues to his death are hidden in the manuscript. Truly a double mystery!

The Baker's Secret: a novel by Stephen P. Kiernan
  "Emma is an apprentice baker in a small Normandy village during the Nazi occupation. Forced to bake ten loaves of bread for the Kommandant each day, she stretches supplies to make extra bread to help feed the starving villagers. Emma smuggles gasoline and medicine as well as food to them on her daily bicycle run to the army site, all the while believing the Americans will never come to save the French people.  An amazing story - highly recommended."  - Karen

A Gentleman in Moscow, by Armor Towles
   "War & Peace meets Eloise in this absolutely delightful novel. Written with charm and grace, the story of Count Rostov's post-revolutionary life under house arrest int he Metropol Hotel. It gives us a fascinating view of Russian life both large & small.  As old regimes give way to new, how much do we fight to hold on to our mores and ideals?  Towles brings a light touch to a deep subject, making this a novel you do not want to miss." - Kath


Spill Zone, Sci/Fi by Scott Westerfeld
    A disaster has hit a small New York city, now quarantined by the government. Only Addie risks entering the zone to take photos of the bizarre outcome. Westerfeld creates a story heavily influenced by the Russian film, Stalker, and Puvillland's edgy artwork makes a compelling graphic Science fiction tale.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, by Susan Cain

"This intelligent and often surprising book is a pleasure to read and will make introverts and extroverts alike think twice about the best ways to be themselves and interact with differing personality types."

Norwegian by Night, by Derek Miller 

A former Marine sniper in the Korean War turned watch repairman. Not until now, anyway.
Home alone one morning, Sheldon witnesses a dispute between the woman who lives upstairs and an aggressive stranger. When events turn dire, Sheldon seizes and shields the neighbor s young son from the violence, and they flee the scene. As Sheldon and the boy look for a safe haven in an alien world, past and present weave together, fleeing demons both real and imagined.



We are beginning a literacy initiative fundraiser along with Down East Books. During the month of August, we will be selling raffle tickets for a  large Down East Tote Bag of Regional Books.  

The winning ticket will be drawn on Sept. 6th and the money raised donated to the Literacy Volunteers of Greater Portland for their LearningWorks project.                                  



TUESDAY IS SENIOR DISCOUNT DAY                                                                                                  

We know you don't look or feel 60 but if you have passed this milestone, come in Tuesdays to get your 15% discount on all in-store purchases.   




Knife Creek, a Mike Bowditch mystery by Paul Doiron
    When Maine game warden Mike Bowditch is tasked with shooting invasive feral hogs that are tearing up the forest in his district, he makes a horrific discovery--a dead baby buried in a shallow grave. Even more disturbing: evidence suggests the infant was the child of a young woman who was presumed to have died four years earlier after she disappeared from a group rafting trip. As Bowditch assists the reopened investigation, he begins to suspect that some of his neighbors aren't who they seem to be.

Shiver Hitch, by Linda Greenlaw

Jane Bunker thought she had escaped the pollution, noise, and dead bodies when she left her job as a Miami homicide detective and moved back to the idyllic town of Green Haven, Maine. But through her work as a marine insurance investigator, she left behind the city bustle but not the murder. When Jane is called to the remote Acadia Island to assess the damages from a house fire, she also finds a burned body in the charred rubble, and it turns out that the victim is the owner of the house, a wealthy woman is one of the most hated on the island. When the autopsy reveals that drowning was the cause of death, it becomes clear that someone went through a lot of trouble to orchestrate this murder.

The Stars are Fire, by Anita Shreve

October 1947, fires break out along the Maine coast from Bar Harbor to Kittery, racing out of control. Grace Holland is five months pregnant and left along to protect her toddlers when her husband joins the volunteer firefighters. Grace and her best friend, Rosie, watch helplessly as their houses burn to the ground. The women are forced into the ocean where they spend the night frantically protecting their children. Morning finds them homeless, penniless and awaiting news of their husbands' fate as well as an uncertain future. But Grace discovers new freedoms, joys and triumphs she never expected. When the unthinkable happens, Grace is tested as never before.



Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: a novel, by Gail Moneyman

 Meet Eleanor Oliphant who is completely original and the right kind of weird. She struggles with appropriate social skills and says exactly what she's thinking. She wears the same clothes every day and is a bit of a loner. But everything changes when she meets Raymond, the bumbling unhygienic IT guy from her office. Her life and her past, combined with such kindhearted characters, made for a compulsively readable, heartwarming story. Highly recommended!

Celine: a novel by Peter Heller

Celine is a hard-nosed, Glock-carrying though aged private investigator with a stellar reputation. But when a young woman, Gabriela, asks for her help, a world of mystery and sorrow opens up. Her father was a photographer who went missing on the border of Montana and Wyoming. He was assumed to have died from a grizzly mauling, but his body was never found. When she undertakes finding the missing father, Celine and her husband Pete, overcome her health (and lifestyle) to track him down. These characters are unique, family ties are strong, and you will want to follow Celine on more adventures!

The Gentleman of Moscow, by Amor Towles        

War and Peace meets Eloise in this absolutely delightful novel. Written with charm and grace, the story of Count Rostov's post-Revolutionary life under house arrest in the Metropol Hotel, gives us a fascinating view of Russian life, both large and small. As old regimes give way to new, how much do we fight to hold on to our mores and ideals?  Towles brings a light touch to a deep subject, making this a novel you do not want to miss.  - Katherine 

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley, by Hannah Tinti   

The incredible tale of Samuel Hawley and his inventive daughter, Loo, traveling back & forth across the US. With more lives than a cat, he survives 12 bullets and the loss of his beloved wife, as he struggles to create a "normal" homelife for Loo, despite their closet full of guns used to fend off men from his past who want Hawley to help with their criminal escapades.

The Women in the Castle, by Jessica Shattuck

An insightful story of Marianne, an upper class woman whose husband orchestrated the failed plot to assassinate Hitler. She made promises to him and to her dear friend that she would care for the wives and children of those men in the group, and she did! Three war widows and their children help each other survive at the end of WWII in this engaging novel filled with rich period detail. The rules for love and loyalty are very different during wartime. We enjoy the detail of how those women survived, raising their children and carrying on with little food, medicine, clothing or supplies. Very readable.                                                                      



Amanda Pray Seaglass Frames make charming mementos

New Watercolors by Jeanne Lafferty

Vintage cards by Christina Siravo

Glowing Candles by Portland's own Chandler & Kemp

Lovely Original Oil Paintings by Kate Winn

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