We're playing FIND WALDO again July 1 - 30.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Pick up your game sheet at Letterpress Books for the new Find Waldo game

1)   When you Find Waldo at any one of the businesses listed on your passport, collect a store stamp (or signature).

2)  When you also find Waldo's friend Wenda in Letterpress Books, you get an extra stamp on your game page!

3)   When you’ve collected at least 10 different store stamps/signatures, bring this ‘passport’ to Letterpress Books, your FIND WALDO local headquarters, to claim your "Found Waldo" button and a $1.00 coupon.

4)   When you collect at least 20 of the 25 possible store stamps/signatures, bring your passport to Letterpress Books to get a button and a coupon PLUS be entered in the drawing for a set of Waldo books & other prizes.

5)   Plan to attend the Waldo Pizza Party and prize drawing at 1pm on Sunday, July 30th at Letterpress Books!


A BIG THANK You to all of our participating stores:

Letterpress Books                 91 Auburn St., Suite K     Headquarters store

AllSpeed Cyclery        127 Marginal Way

Artist & Craftsman Supply   540 Deering Aveenue

Aubuchon Hardware           832 Stevens Avenue

Babylon Restaurant          1192 Forest Ave

Big Sky Bread                      536 Deering Avenue

Black Cat Coffee                  463 Stevens Avenue

Bogusha's Polish Restaurant   825 Stevens Ave

Caravan Beads                    915 Forest Avenue

Cumberland County Scooters & Cycles    314 Warren Ave

Don's Sports Cards              578 Brighton Ave

Eddie's Variety                      377 Auburn Street

Handle It!                            449 Forest Ave (Upstairs)

The Honey Exchange         494 Stevens Ave

Jet Video Co-op                  199 Pleasant Ave

Leapin' Lizzards                   449 Forest Ave

PetLife                                  91 Auburn St, Suite M

Phoenix Studio                     630 Forrest Ave

Photo Market                        945 Forest Ave

Planet Dog                            211 Marginal Way

Purple Paw Grooming          570 Brighton Ave

Romard's Hallmark                91 Auburn St  Suite H

Rosemont Market & Bakery   580 Brighton Ave

Skillful Home Recreation        533 Forest Ave

Starbird Music                         500 Forest Ave

A good time was had in 2016 - the store employees, game playing kids and their families!

From a mother riding bikes with her 3 sons: "We are having a great time! We've been riding from store to store, bonding all day and they didn't even know it!"

From a participating store: "The response to the Find Waldo game this year was excellent. We had far more visitors and a majority made at least one purchase, some far more. We've already had a couple of repeat customers who hadn't discovered our store before, who now love the place. Thanks for including us." 

From another popular store: "We had fun with the kids and adults who came in hunting. Thanks for involving us again. We would like to participate next year - please let our owner know about the Find Waldo game."