We're playing FIND WALDO again July 1 - 29.


These kids are the 2018 Winners of FIND WALDO - Congratulations!

A good time was had in previous years by the store employees, game playing kids and their families!

From a mother riding bikes with her 3 sons: "We are having a great time! We've been riding from store to store, bonding all day and they didn't even know it!"

From a participating store: "The response to the Find Waldo game this year was excellent. We had far more visitors and a majority made at least one purchase, some far more. We've already had a couple of repeat customers who hadn't discovered our store before, who now love the place. Thanks for including us." 

From another popular store: "We had fun with the kids and adults who came in hunting. Thanks for involving us again. We would like to participate next year - please let our owner know about the Find Waldo game."


What was new for 2018?
New Search: The five intrepid travelers (Waldo, Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard & Odlaw)
have dropped their precious items in Letterpress Books!
Waldo seekers will set out on a search during the month of July to find his key, a bone from Woof, Wenda left her camera, Wizard Whitebeard scroll, and binoculars from Odlaw somewhere in the bookstore.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Pick up your game sheet at Letterpress Books for the new Find Waldo game

1)   When you Find Waldo at any one of the businesses listed on your passport, collect a store stamp (or signature).

2)  When you also find 6 items left behind by Waldo's friends in Letterpress Books, you get an extra stamp on your game page!

3)   When you’ve collected at least 10 different store stamps/signatures, bring this ‘passport’ to Letterpress Books, your FIND WALDO local headquarters, to claim your "Found Waldo" button and a $1.00 coupon.

4)   When you collect at least 20 of the 25 possible store stamps/signatures, bring your passport to Letterpress Books to get a button and a coupon PLUS be entered in the drawing for a set of Waldo books & other prizes.

5)   Plan to attend the Waldo Pizza Party and prize drawing at 1pm on Sunday, July 29th at Letterpress Books!


A BIG THANK You to all of our participating local independent stores:


Company                                          Address                                               Phone                                                                                                   

1.      AllSpeed Cyclery & Snow                         127 Marginal Way                            878-8741                


2.      Artist & Craftsman Supply                         540 Deering Ave                               772-7272               


3.      Aubuchon Hardware                                   832 Stevens Ave                               871-0383                                                                                


4.      Babylon Restaurant                                   1192 Forest Ave                                797-2740 3           


5.      Big Sky Bread Company                              536 Deering Ave                              76 -5623               


6.      Black Cat Coffee                                           463 Stevens Ave                              956-6686              


7.       Bogusha’s Polish Restaurant                     825 Stevens Ave                               87- 9618           


8.      Caravan Beads                                             915 Forest Ave                                 761-2503 ext 211   


9.      Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness                    29 Marginal Way                              899-0886                


10.  Cumberland County Scooters & Cycles       314 Warren Ave                                210-6701                


11.  Don’s Sports Cards                          .             578 Brighton Ave                             772 0625                


12.  Eddie’s Variety (sandwich shop)                  377 Auburn St                                 797-4796                                                                                 


13.  Jet Video Coop                                                 199 Pleasant Ave                           773-9968                


14.  Leapin’ Lizards                                                 449 Forest Ave                              221 2363                


15.  Letterpress Books                                                                                                                                                                                          


16.  Pet Life                                                                91 Auburn St, Ste L                                                                                                                                                    


17.  Photo Market                                                    945 Forest Ave #4                     797 7100                


18.  Planet Dog                                                          211 Marginal Way                   347 8606                


19.  Purple Paw Grooming Shoppe                   570 Brighton Ave                             756 9663                


20.  Romard’s Hallmark                                         91 Auburn St                                                                      


21.  Rosemont Market & Bakery                        580 Brighton Ave                             774 8129                


22.  Cybercopy                                                1006 Forest Ave                                 775-2679                


23.  Skillful Home Recreation                             533 Forest Ave                                  775 3000                            


24.  Starbird Music                                                   500 Forest Ave                            775 2733  

25.  The Honey Exchange      494 Stevens Ave.     773-9333