Letterpress Books is partnered with Libro.fm for downloadable audiobooks.

We offer one audiobook monthly for $14.99 and 30% off additional audiobooks for 30% off.

the link is:  libro.fm/?bookstore=letterpressbooks

By choosing Libro.fm over other audiobook services, you support a local bookstore of your choice—and invest in your local community. Libro.fm offers over 100,000 audiobooks via our premium platform (which we built with love from scratch) and give you bookseller recommendations for great audiobooks.


Listening to your audiobooks is as simple as listening to music.

Download the free Libro.fm app in the App Store, Google Play Store or Kindle and log in with the email and password you created on the Libro.fm site. You'll continue to purchase audiobooks from the Libro.fm site. Don't want to use the app? Just follow our simple download guide.