Consignment Information


Independently published books are taken on a consignment basis after review by our staff.  Please contact us with information about your book at [email protected] or mail us information along with a copy of your book for review.  No phone calls please.

Our mailing address is: Letterpress Books, Northgate Plaza, 91 Auburn St., Portland, ME 04103

Please be aware that we have a limited number of spaces available and this may affect our decision regarding your book.  If your book has recently been or is about to be reviewed or discussed in a local paper or periodical, be sure to inform us as this may also affect our decision making process.

If you are working with a distributor, such as Ingram, or a local entity, such as Maine Authors Publishing, please be sure to let us know.  You can find their web site here:  We highly recommend their services.

Consignment Policy

Letterpress Books will stock your book for six months, reordering as needed.  If no sales occur within the six months allotted, the books will be returned to the author, who must make arrangements for pickup or shipping.  If partial sales occur, the book will be re-evaluated and the decision made whether to continue stocking it.  Payment will be made for all books sold within the six month period.

The author is responsible for setting the retail price of their books. Letterpress Books requires a 60/40 split.  60% for the author, 40% for the bookstore.

Please supply us with a high-resolution image of the book cover, an author biography and any praise for the book. These will greatly improve our ability to market your book.

Handling Fees

These fees cover promotional costs similar to that used by traditional publishers. If we agree to stock your book and you don't wish to pay any of the following fees, we will shelve your book in the appropriate section of the store and it will be available for purchase on our web site.

Level 1 - $25.00 - includes a face-out placement of your book on our Regional Authors shelf at the front of the store, a listing on our web site and a feature on our Local Authors web page.