Original Watercolors & Acrylic Paintings by Jeanne Lafferty

Background of the Artist  

I spend more time looking at things than I do painting them. If you look at anything long enough it becomes beautiful. 

A friend once said to me, Jeanne, you love to paint what is in front of you. This is probably why my subjects are often unusual. This is what I do, it is my work and it never fails to surprise me when I stand back and look at what has been translated from the subject onto paper or canvas.  Painting a pair of old sneakers is now not just a pair of old sneakers. There are edges, contours, depth and weight. There is composition: how things go together. And then there is color. Bright and spectacular, or muted, purposefully brought down to expose the essence of the subject. But always there is movement.

If you look at your still life long enough it feels alive to you and you must paint it that way. Parts of the painting are understated using lost edges. Other parts are almost exaggerated with line and color bringing it forward and create the contrast that is necessary to get liveliness into your painting.          

Willie Nelson wrote a song that begins: Still is still moving to me. 

I understand this when I am truly seeing, not just looking at a thing. 

I want you to enjoy looking at my work; I want you to bring one of my paintings home with you, so I keep my prices reasonable. It is important to me that people be able to have original art in their homes.